Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't Get Stuck In The Belly Of A Whale

It's rainy and foggy this morning, and for some reason I'm reminded of Jonah, Who was told by God to get his hind end to Ninevah.. Did he listen?? NO! He ended up hiding on a boat going in the opposite direction, tossed by angry sea's. Which led him to the innards of a fish! (yes, i said innards) =0) Did you know that while on that boat, Jonah was sleeping through all that oceanic termoil? The crew of that boat had to wake him to ask if it was he that angered the Lord and just what he had done. They prayed to God to not harm them based on Jonah's sins, which landed Jonah a not so comfy spot aboard a fishes belly! I know there are times I've miss the boat on sharing the news of God with someone. I didn't do it on purpose. Sometimes we get busy and the "world" gets so noisy, we didn't see that the opportunity was in front of us until we look back on it later. I'm sure the same is true for God asking me to do something. I try and listen, but there have been times in my life when things have gotten so noisy. Reading passages about Jonah and his "trying to run from God" antics made me think about something else. If YOU aren't the one running from God, but a loved one is, do you get caught in that storm? And NO dear loved ones, i will NOT throw you overboard into the belly of a whale...It just got me thinkin', and I had to ask that question. Then again, if I've ever run from God going in the total opposite direction from which he wanted me to go.. Who gets caught in my high seas? I used to just worry about how to get out of that big fish. >D God Bless you all, Auntie Aimes

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