Thursday, October 4, 2012

OFFICIAL DIY Purse Making Day

SO>>> Today is OFFICIALLY. DIY Purse Making Day. Atleast in my mind it is. =0)

While out shopping for a few household neccessities, and then groceries, I realized I REALLY needed a new purse.  In the past, every Mother's Day, I would treat myself to a nice shiny new hand bag. Well, times being what they are, that hasn't happened in several years.  So.. TA-DA... DIY Purse day!
Already have one in mind, ( or 3 or 10 ) and the top of the leader board goes to :
"The Project Princess" for her lovely ruffled tote.

I received a similar one from my Sis a few Christmas's back, Pink with Black and white polka dots.. LOVE!    
I'm a Polka Dot junkie!
SO... off to the creative drawing board!
I will post my own pictures later in the day ( or week ) and let ya'll know how things turned out.
Wish me luck...

God Bless, 
Auntie Aimes

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