Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Memories, KISS, and No More Cold Cream

I survived Easter! Sort of....

Picture us all together. The whole family ( all the girls) around the table, dyeing Easter eggs. When my daughter finds Easter eggs on Google, painted like KISS, "the band".

Well of course it's Easter, so we "banned" the idea. (pun intended)  Then, somewhere things took a wrong turn. While waiting on our middle sister to arrive, my youngest Sis, and my youngest daughter got into a conversation about Gothic make-up. I can only guess it originated from the KISS eggs. And from there it blossomed into...well... I'll let the picture's tell the rest of that story.

All in all we had a fantastic time. Our Grandmother, however, was not at all amused by our Rockin' look. At one time she looked at me, said "BLEH! I wouldn't recognize you at all if I saw you on the street!"

 She was happy to pose for a photo with us!
 Of Course we opted for signs of affection, instead of our previous "Rock" poses. 

Wish we had taken more pics of the "cleaning process". What a time for Mom to run out of cold cream. I chose Olive Oil. Worked GREAT, till I got it in my eyes and couldn't see. Then it was the blind leading the blind! Anything for a laugh I suppose.

All in all, a marvelous time was had by all. Lot's of food and Easter goodies. Church with Mom on Sunday morning.  Best chicken pot pie EVER made. AND DESSERT...... sigh

We've all gone back home now. Mom's house is empty. The food's been plated and sent to those who wanted left-overs. Pictures to go through and edit. Easter grass in everything! (the gift that keeps on giving) Many memories to cherish, and a look back at a lot of laughter, from a lot of women, and one little out-numbered man. To keep us smiling throughout the rest of this year.

God Bless you all My Dears!

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