Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special Pajama's

Over the Easter holiday my family and I had a very special event take place because of a very special lady.

My Mother has gone to the same Baptist church since she moved to NC in 1991. Over the years she has made very special friendships with some of her church ladies. My Mother, also working for Hospice for many years, is well known in her community. She enjoys helping where she can. Is quick to lend a hand, offer food, her time, or if needed, just an ear. Recently one of her close friends lost her Mother-in-law. The story was told to me today, and I thought I'd share both it, and what it lead to.

Patsy lived just down the road from her son and daughter-in-law. When her health began to take a turn, her daughter-in-law stepped right in and started caring for her. As Patsy's condition worsened, they moved Patsy in to better care for her. Her daughter-in-law, it is told, pampered her, and treated her like she was her child. As the end of Patsy's life approached and dementia set in, Patsy still remembered who everyone was and called each child by the appropriate name, but started calling her daughter-in-law, affectionately..."Mommy".  When her time here ended, and she went on to her heavenly home, Her daughter-in-law and my Mother had spoken about what to do with Patsy's clothing. My Mother always has someone in mind that may be lacking, and so a very large amount of clothing was delivered to her home.

I'll stop there to tell another story. My sweet Grandmother always wore pretty pajama's. Gowns in pinks, whites, and robin's egg blue tones. They were always very soft and satiny, with bed jackets or the matching robe to cover them. All my life I remember sleeping in them when she would come to visit. Tied in the back with a shoe string or rubber band to keep me from stumbling over the much too long silky fabric. As my Sister's came along and grew, they too would don their favorite gown and bed jacket. (we all had our own favorite) My Grandmother kept them for years, even after she no longer wore them herself. There was always a drawer in the bedroom full of fluffy soft Satin, waiting for a grandchild to discover. Even after we had grown and no longer played with them, our children got their chance as well. It was only after they had received too much love that we had to throw out the last gown.

My Mother gave out everything she knew had a home (and a need), from the piles of clothing. When we arrived for Easter, knowing things have been difficult for her three daughters this past year. Everyone suffering their own hardships with illness and the failing economy. She reported that there was something special for us in the guest room. My Mother had pulled out a few pieces of clothing she thought we could wear for church....and one very precious pile..sitting in the middle of the bed....of gowns... pink, whites, and pastel robin's egg blue tones. Shiny satin bed jackets and silky robes.  Waiting for us to try on and wear around the house every night during our Easter holiday.

We have decided to keep the gowns at my Mothers. Once a year we will get together, grab our favorite pj's from the pile.. and have our very own... Patsy party.    

Thank you Patsy! Tell Jesus we love him, and that when we get to heaven we will grab our favorite robes from God's very own pajama stash. They will be the best ever!

Love you Dears! Auntie Aimes


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