Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old School Super Mario, Graffiti, and Smelling the Roses

As it happens, today I have the Old School Nintendo Super Mario song stuck in my head! ALL DAY!  Thanks in part to me adding it as my Sister's ringtone.  I can remember spending DAYS on that contraption, trying to clear a level.

My mother had placed everything on top of the refrigerator. TV, Nintendo, it was all there, perched atop the fridge. We'd pull all those wires down, which always needed de-tangling, and sit at the kitchen table and play. I am surprised that in all the excitement it never got pulled down!  We were all girls, so not much got broken in our home, like boys tend to do, except, we did have this little problem with ceiling fans! Inevitably one of us girls would get super excited about.. who knows what.. and crash something into any number of fans.  I know of 4 that didn't survive us, but alas that Nintendo was intent on staying put!  Sometimes days would pass before we would clear the level we'd been working on, high five's all around, for it was everyone's victory in those days! Level complete, and necks sore from hours of looking up, we'd set it aside for a day or two and take pride in our latest victory.

In that very same kitchen was our "Graffiti Wall". During a kitchen redo a wall was partially torn down, leaving nothing but it's inside's hanging out for all to see. ( that and the new upstairs bathroom plumbing had recently been added)  Although I'd already married and moved away, my remaining sister's were in Jr High and High school during all the remodel hubbub. Someone got the bright idea to sign their names in the wall. After all, it would be covered soon, no one would see it till 100 years from now, when someone else wanted to do some remodeling and found this great lost work of art.  What started out as an innocent signature, turned into an art project of gigantic proportions. Kids from all over came to draw, sign, to leave their mark for future generations to discover.  I can remember coming to NC for a visit and seeing the wall for the first time in months. It was amazing. You could spend all day staring at it and still find something new you hadn't noticed before!

Today I am reminded how fast time goes by. How quickly those days spent staring up at the fridge brought so much laughter (and competition).  How something as simple as removal of a section of drywall can bring about such inspiration. Today is much different from those days. Seems as though everything is on fast forward. No time to slow down and smell the roses, no time to take a break from whatever level you just completed to enjoy the sweet victory. I challenge you to peel back some drywall! Take a moment to enjoy what's around you RIGHT NOW. There's so much beauty and joy in this crazy world of ours, we get so focused on the bad, we forget to look for what's right under our noses.

Then.... Go dust off that old Nintendo, I know you have one in a box in the closet somewhere!  Get that old tune stuck in your head, and see what sweet memories you discover.

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