Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Antiques, Pickin', and Locked Cars

Hubby and I, on recent picking expedition, ran into a little trouble.

We decided to take hubby's jeep. It's roomy, and can just about hold anything I want to throw in it.  Which usually ends up being large pieces of antique furniture. I have a passion for tables,  dressers,  and desks.  On this particular day we'd just finished going through one of our favorite stores in our area.

 Let's go back a little in time. Just before going picking we had stopped in at the local locksmith to see what it would cost to have new locks installed in the jeep's doors. It was an old jeep, and it didn't come with a door key. It was a little more than we wanted to spend that day, so we opted to wait.  Which, as it turned out, was the WRONG idea!

 As we returned from picking, we realized the doors were locked.  We sat there, for what seemed like an eternity, staring at each other through the windows.  As soon as reality hit,  we started laughing.  It was hot,  we were locked out of our jeep,  and we weren't near anyone that could help, except that over priced locksmith!

We did finally manage to get into the jeep,  borrowing a clothes hanger from the locksmith, cause it's the only thing he'd let us have at a reasonable price,  (free). Although the wire wouldn't unlock our locks, it did reach far enough into the back seat to grab a long piece of wood my hubby had bought, that I totally thought was a silly purchase and good for nothing. Turns out, it was just the right size to reach across the back window, that was cracked just enough to accommodate hubby's fingers, and push the door lock on the opposite side!  Best piece of wood ever!

The day didn't quite go how we planned,  but it turned out to be quite an adventure.  We did eventuality replace those locks, which we should have done in the first place.

This whole incident made me think about the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Looking back at it, I realize that the Holy Spirit was prompting us that day to replace those locks before it caused a problem.  However,  we didn't like the price,  and we had other things we really wanted to be doing, so we went or own way.  It's amazing how often with God  we "go our own way" instead of relying on God for the right answers, the correct path to take,  or just a nudge to keep us out of harms way. For us this day ended with a lot of laughter, and a lesson learned.  There will be times when not listening to promptings from the Holy Spirit could lead to trouble.  I'm thankful this wasn't that day, and grateful for the reminder to listen for that still, small voice.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

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