Monday, February 13, 2017

Weight Loss, Getting Healthy, and New Beginnings

                          Today's the Day!

Today I start my weight loss journey.

I've battled with weight my entire life. TODAY, that battle ends.

I'm getting off the fad diet yo-yo train, and I'm doing something about it..FOR ME!

I challenge everyone out there reading this to join me in a 12 week fitness challenge pledge!

I'm the mother of two beautiful daughters, have an incredible husband, and 2 amazing grandchildren. All of which I want to be around for!  Not just around for, but to be healthy, and energetic! (which you need for a 7 year old and 10 month old!)

This is a new beginning, a new chapter in a new book! I'm not just getting healthy and fit, but I'm improving my quality of life, and boosting my energy!

I'm going to lead a 12-week fitness pledge starting TODAY, Monday February 13, 2017, to get in great shape with a group of my friends. I will have a secret accountability group filled with daily motivation once you join. You don't have to be local and both men and women are welcome. If you want some information, follow me on facebook at "Murals By Amy".  Drop me a line, and I'll send you some amazing info!  

We'll keep each other motivated, and be there to encourage one another!  Don't worry about coming in after the start date! We welcome you during any part of your journey!

I can also be reached by email at


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