Monday, March 24, 2014

Piracy, Rocking Amadeus, and Missing Red Sweaters.

 As fate would have it, or better known as "God's great planning", I am the lucky kin of 2 incredible Sisters!  I, of course, am the eldest, or so they keep reminding me!  The Middle Sis, who I lovingly refer to as "Ripsy", thanks solely to my cell phone's attempt at auto-correcting "Sissy", has recently been the target of a red sweater heist. The thief, commonly referred to in our family as the "Pirate", refuses to step forward to turn themselves, and the red sweater in to proper authorities. Which at this time would be Ripsy!  Of course I was immediately blamed. Accused of Piracy in the highest degree!

 I'd like to take a moment to step back, a little bit in time, to yesterday.  Imagine if you will, my niece and I making a day of it, all gathering at my Mother's church for a Holy Spirit "refill". My niece and I arrive inside the building just in time to see my Ripsy coming in with her new dress and my nieces silver shoes adorning her feet!  Well, you can imagine the look of horror on my nieces face, who at the ripe old age of 15 3/4, immediately begins her teen-age ranting, "MOM HAS GOT to stop wearing my clothes!"  Then she states that when they move into their new house, she is making her mother a plaque with the Ten Commandments on it, only she is adding an 11th, which will read:

11. Thou shalt not wear thy daughters clothes!

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or scold. Funny, yet at the same add to the Ten Commandments?   Then I remembered, God in his perfect wisdom, has an incredible sense of humor. Why else would he have created Menopause, tiddly-winks, and Male Pattern Baldness?

Ripsy, who is now sweater less, is also dealing with another issue. Seems as though the local oldies station is now playing 80's music. She is not thrilled that her Rocking Amadeus days are now considered "old". I decided not to remind her that technically I rocked Amadeus, therefore, I should be the one offended.  So in 5 years when her group is running around chillin' to the ever classic sound of 'Ice-Ice Baby", I'll try and be supportive!

Back to Piracy, which in our family runs rampant! Ripsy, usually the first one we turn to, as she is the numero-uno Pirate, can kidnap your favorite garden figurine in no time flat. Slip that new Keurig into her overnight bag, along with every last Keurig coffee sample you own, out the door, like a boss!  Piracy, it turns out, is contagious. So, to whoever, in our family has had the need to wear red recently, PLEASE return that sweater to Ripsy. Ripsy has promised no retaliation. There will be no Pirate backlash, or walking the plank, and to keep the anonymity of the Pirate, she's promised to name no names. (GRANDMA!)

So, whether you are Rocking Amadeus, into a little red sweater pirating of your own, or are just out surfing the web, smile....and have a blessed week people!  


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  1. In my defense, she sent the keurig to my house. Lol And I do need my sweater back!!!!


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