Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Hyped Up More Than a Squirrel on Meth!

Yes, it's my own fault. I drank coffee! I know better. It's just that my hubby was drinking a cup, and it smelled sooo gooood. I can't drink regular coffee, it makes me more hyped up than a squirrel on meth!  It is now 12:25.............. My hubby sleeps soundly in our bed. Here I am staring at the walls shaking my feet back and forth in my nice warm pink cowboy boot house shoes. Wanting to go run a marathon, but it's too cold outside. 

Everything here is quiet, except for the wood stove fan that kicks on from time to time. The sound of the dogs asleep in their beds. Chili barking in his sleep, which he does often, no doubt dreaming of chasing squirrels. Harley, of course, is snoring away, totally unaware of the squirrel chasing going on in the bed next to him.  

I'm sure the Cows are toasty warm in the barn. The chickens are bedded down for the night, and the rabbits.... well, they are rabbits, so I am sure they are finding ways to stay warm.  

I haven't given an update on our livestock in a while... Calves are doing great, growing like crazy and the rabbits are fat as "all get-out", no babies yet....thinkin' we might have a male populated problem there. However, the chicken's have not fared so well. Several are in our freezer. A few have already been crock-potted and eaten, and we've lost several, (cow got one, we think a raccoon got another one, and two others will forever be a mystery. Started out with 13, we are down to 5. Will be down to 4 tomorrow, a rather mean rooster is fixin' to find himself in the pot as well. Dumplings tomorrow!   

OK, Have a good night everyone, what's left of it. I'm going to go find a constructive way to work off this coffee high I'm on!   

God Bless You All,
Auntie Aimes

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