Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NCIS Head Slappers, Yard Brawlers....Sisters

Sisters............. Three of them. Trouble makers? YES!... Instigators?? YOU BET!  Yard Brawls? Oh, HECK YEAH!

Sisters, you love them, and sometimes want to punch them in the face. You occasionally disagree with one another, but come together. You can say anything you want about each other, but better NOT hear anyone else say a thing about one of them.. or it's on!

We grew up in the back woods of East Texas. Me.. the oldest, but like to be referred to as "The Jokester".  Actually Mom calls me "The Baby". No, Mom doesn't have a favorite, but it is great for jabbin' my Sisters with occasionally. I joke that when I am dead and gone the next Sis in line can fight over the title. The middle child.. who Is referred to as the "Smart One", which is an inside joke. YES, she is smart... but our Grandmother, God bless her, said the youngest was beautiful, and I was artistic. To which my middle sister replied, "Dang Grandma, what does that make me?" Grandma commented to her, "Well, you can spell!"  Of course we remind her of this often! So now the youngest Sis is referred to as "The Pretty One".

We've had our share of incidents. I once came over to visit. Newly married, I didn't get by often. When I happened to notice feet, or an occasional arm, fly past the front window. When I went to investigate I found two kids, sprawled out in the dirt, then dust flying and fists everywhere as they beat the mess out of one another. I called Mom to the window to ask if she was aware of the fight that ensued in the front yard. She remarked  "They do that about once every few months, and then they get along just fine." If she wasn't concerned, then why should I be. Then there was the time I'd been over for the day, and upon returning home I received a phone call from my mother, who was laughing so hysterically I couldn't understand her. After getting her to BREATHE, she explained that my baby sister wanted to know who the girl was that used to stay with them. Mom, curious at this point, asked "Which Girl?". The youngest added that she was talking about the girl that had just left.  Mom answered" You mean YOUR SISTER?"  Turns out after 12 years of her young life, she thought I was just someone who lived with them.  Which is still talked about to this day.

We are all grown up now. We each have children of our own. They are learning the same things we did, in a much different world. We've loved and lost, sang, rejoiced, and mourned a time or two.  We've enjoyed remembering funny things that have happened as sisters in our tiny Texas town. We've been there for one another, laughed, cried, and shared. We've done stupid things and laughed at one another. There have even been a few NCIS head slap moments, but one thing remains the same....

 We are Sisters.

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