Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Child Birth, Writer's BloGck, and Happy Rubber Ducks

Yes, I know.. It's a long title. It is a title befitting of my day. "THIS is a day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!" I've chanted it all day. It still found me unappreciative toward my cable company when I discovered that the holiday music had ended. Yeah, Christmas is over. Time to take down the tree. Pack up the gift wrap. Discover small forgotten trinkets that missed being placed in their appropriate stockings on Christmas Eve, and decide whether it stays with me now, or gets shipped off in the "you left these things at my house" package.

I usually don't dislike putting away Christmas things. This year I find myself not wanting to part with my yule tide merriment.  Oh well, it's got to go, don't want to be tacky and have that 10 foot blow up Santa with his feet stuck out the top of the Chimney in the yard for all the world to see come, oh, I don't know.. June?  I forget, do I keep the tinsel, or chuck it and start over next year?

I've had writer's BloGck for days. I think it was that bad business with the coffee. That I have been forbidden by family to EVER do again. ( and the dogs aren't real happy either )  Turns out bath time at 2 am isn't as much fun to them as I thought it would be.  The rubber duck didn't complain! I've been on the down side of that coffee for days. I thought once I'd just drink more and maybe that would help, but unlike childbirth, where you have hours of agonizing, sometimes torturous labor pains, ending with a beautiful bundle of joy that IMMEDIATELY makes you forget all about what you just experienced, and magically months later, when baby is losing his baby-ness, are most surely ready to do again, another cup of regular coffee will NOT leave me with any happy repeatable memories.

So, Dear Friends and Family, just getting around to de-Christmasing your abode, please remember... Rome wasn't built in a day. You want to be able to make SOME since of what the Christmas deco-rama is next year when you take it out of its container. So, treat it lovingly, and put it in its appropriate box or bin, smile as you safely stash away the last stocking, and enjoy your new clean space... Then think to yourselves... THERE"S JUST ...... Christmas countdown banner

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