Saturday, January 5, 2013


     Oh My, WHAT a night. STRICTLY Decaf for me from now on.... I promise. If I do mess up and go for the heavy stuff, I will NOT post afterward! I've reedited the blah blah blah out of the last post, for easier reading. <big grin>
     The post may have been long, BUT.. the house is clean, the dogs are bathed, I caught up on all my laundry, finished all my sewing, polished the silverware, made a slip cover for the couch, ticked off the dogs (by waking them at 2 am for a bath), organized my books on organization, and made a list of things NOT to do next time I drink REGULAR COFFEE!   I'm still going strong, when I finally crash I should sleep for days!

God Bless,  
 Auntie Aims

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