Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyles, and Good Eating!

I'm often asked what my secret is. How do I eat, never look like I'm starving, and still lose weight. The key is, I'm eating healthy, I don't starve myself, and I'm on a diet system that is actually GOOD for my body!

I'm officially down 40 lbs, and 42 inches! I EAT! I'm rarely hungry, and when I do get hungry, I EAT!  Now let's get REAL.... I don't go in my kitchen when I feel hungry and chow down on everything I recently purchased at the grocery store!  I eat 3 square meals a day, I have snacks when I want a snack, my family occasionally orders Pizza, AND My birthday was last Monday, and I ATE CAKE!  Actually I'm still eating cake! LOL  Can I do that ALL the time, absolutely not! I'd be big around as that cake!   I call my eating style... LIVING!  I don't "cheat" on my diet, that comment offends me. I don't "reward" myself with food. I also find that statement offensive. (no I'm not easily offended,lol)  It's simply "living".   I eat healthy, and when my body is hungry for a sweet treat, or a salty snack, I eat one! I don't go crazy and eat a whole pack of cookies, and I don't eat an entire bag of chips, but I will indulge on occasion.

What foods do I eat?  Although I've yet to go ALL in, I lean toward a Mediterranean style diet. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, and I have cut out white refined foods, and switched to brown rice, brown breads, veggie pasta's etc.   

My diet system incorporates 3 products into a system that combines Supplements ( no meal replacements) your own foods, and 3 lifestyle changes for 3 months at a time until you reach your goal weight!  As a bonus those supplements have also reduced my cholesterol to a normal level, and taken my pre-diabetic levels and brought them down to normal as well! 

The lifestyle changes are easy to follow. There are 5, simply choose 3 of them:
1.Cut out Sugary Drinks 
2.Cut out Fried Foods 
3. Walk 7500 Steps per Day 
4. Cut out White Refined Foods Like White Rice, White Sugar, White Bread, etc. 
5. Drink 5 Twelve Ounce Glasses of Water per Day

How easy is that!

Here's an example of the Mediterranean Diet:

Here is a sample Shopping List:

Pinterest has some GREAT Mediterranean Diet Recipe's and additional shopping lists. 

Info on the system I'm using, the M3 System, can be seen on my website:  

You can receive an additional $10.00 discount when you order the system using referral code 144068.

Feel free to find me on Facebook, Amy Cash Johnson, and say hello!   What do YOU have to lose?

Friday, May 26, 2017


Congrats to the Filbeck Family 
They were the winners of the Trip for 4
To the Zoo!

JUNE 15th Drawing for family of 4 to your local zoo OR A fitbit /YOUR CHOICE!

(In NC it's tickets to the NC ZOO in Asheboro!)

Orders can be placed by REGISTERING AND LOGGING IN at:

Monday, December 26, 2016

Be Kind

Being kind, is a way of life. It's a choice you make, and a gift you give to this world.  
While shopping recently I experienced a cashier, who was obviously not thrilled with anyone, or anything.  I could overhear her complaining about patrons.  People asking too many questions,  needing too much guidance in their purchases,  or phoning in with 101 Christmas tree questions. It had become too much for this one paticular cashier.  Who was in no way trying to hide her discontent.  
Flash forward.  I'm eating lunch today in a little local BBQ place.  I come here when I need to remove myself from the world.  It's quiet,  Christian music plays in the background,  and I can filter out the noise from outside.  They, and the food, are incredible.  I sit in the corner where I can just. .....BE.  Today however, I'm noticing the people.  All walks of life,  each chatting with friends and family.  I also notice something else. They all have,  stuff.  I can tell by their facial expressions that some are overjoyed, some are deep in thought about the painful story coming from their friends heart,  but all of them have stuff.  
We all carry baggage, of one kind or another. We all have stories to tell, or some trapped deep inside we'll never share. Regardless, there is passion, joy, pain, hurt.  so to the cashier who has lost her compassion for the customer asking a million questions, be kind. That man just lost his wife to cancer. The lady asking about trees,  she's elderly,  on a fixed income,  and really can't afford the tree she so desperately wants in her living room.  That teenager,  the one who won't get off the phone,  someone in her life is treating her unkindly, and that's the only true friend she has.  
To the customer, upset because the cashier is complaining, or not going fast enough, or just doesn't seem to care. She's a single mother of 2, trying to make ends meet.   She works 3 jobs,  and way too many hours. She hasn't slept in days,  and she's still not sure how she'll provide Christmas for her baby's.  

Be kind. We all have stuff. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

When the heck did THAT happen and Prince

Recently while having lunch with my sweet hubby, we sat down just like normal. That's when IT happened.  As we started to remove items from our tray I was somehow unaware (at first) that I was placing his chili in front of him and removing the lid while he was putting the straw in my drink. As I poured out his fries and opened his ketchup, he was tracking down my dressing, and opening it for me. It ended as he handed me napkins, and I opened his crackers. THAT'S when it hit me!  I stared at him for several seconds, and asked... "When the heck did THAT happen?" Had we become each others parent? Were we just being really kind to one another? I dunno.... Over the past 7 years we've experienced several serious illnesses. Starting with me, and ending with him and his open heart surgery. He's always  been there for me, been the best care giver anyone could ever ask for, and never left my side. I do the same for him, although I never feel I've done enough to help. So, I suppose in the thick of things, we learned to care for one another, and it has become habit. I wont complain, I'd rather be caring, and handing out saltines at a meal, than sitting across from someone that you never communicate with.

Prince, as well all know by now, unless you happen to live under a rock, died last week. I've waited to blog about this because I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to say. I thought about writing some cute little story that included Prince quotes everywhere I could fit one, but it just didn't seem right. I was a child of the 80's. It's where my claim to fame "teenage" years were well spent. What I wouldn't give to go back knowing what I know now! Prince was part of that era for me. I belted out his songs in my bedroom, in cars, and at the beach, where I spent most of my off days in Florida. There were nights my Sister Joylyn, 10 years younger, would come in after a bad dream, or just for some Sissy time, and curl up in my bed, light glowing from my big 80s stereo, playing Prince tunes, among others. Joylyn called me that day, crying.   Prince had died, and for her, along with it, those childhood memories. I reminded her, just like those memories, Prince may be physically gone from this world, but look what he left behind for us to enjoy! That music would always be there. Those memories made, all those years ago, we'd always have. The greatest part about life is, although this moment in time, that we may hold so dear WILL change, but we can make new memories, and have new stories to tell. We may not be able to go back to the 80's, or to whatever that special time was in our past, but we can always look back, smile, and say I DID THAT!

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful. ......Prince

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fibromyalgia, New Baby Smell, and Looking Like A Lobster.

Today I'm dating Fibromyalgia, FYI, he's a jerk!
I was rudely awakened this morning by pain in my shoulder blades. At first I thought maybe my hubby had punched me in his sleep, because my fibromyalgia had been dormant FOREVER! Then, as I thought this through I realized hubby had just undergone open heart surgery. The chances he'd punched me were slim. As I rolled to the edge of the bed, it became painfully obvious. Sigh   I'm breaking up with you Fibromyalgia! You're a jerk, and my hubby doesn't approve!
So now the list goes, pain hurts, depression lies, and fibromyalgia is a jerk. Don't get me started on anxiety, and Lyme Disease! Bwahahaha

Fortunately for me, my latest bout with depression and anxiety was re-routed into great joy with the birth of my second Grandson! I got to go hold him and get that new baby smell on myself! He's perfect. Ok, so I'm biased, because he's mine, but still.
We tried taking some pictures of the newborn with his Ya Ya,  (My cool Grandma name, given to me by my first Grandson)  but I had decided to forget that my meds don't like the sun, and I stayed out in it ALL day, while face painting at the local fire department/Pink Heals Car Show. Guess I was going for that Lobster look.  Doesn't matter, baby was handsome enough to cover any imperfections I may have been revealing in my red mug.
Take care peeps, I'm going to go roll in Epson salts and Aloe Vera goo!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go BIG, or go home, and if you can't go home, have babies!

Never let it be said that my crazy family can do anything the easy way!
Today I'm sitting in the hospital waiting on word of my Sweet Hubby, who is in having By-Pass surgery. As I sit here, my daughter is a few towns over in another hospital having my second Grandchild! My litte monkey, Baby R, who we are still unsure is male or female, will be bursting forth into this world sometime later today. I'm sure my daughter wouldn't appreciate me saying "bursting forth". It is HER womb after-all! Regardless, we're excited!

Prom season is upon us. I have a daughter and niece graduating in June. They've both picked out their prom dresses, and are ready to roll! Praying a safe and fun filled night of frolic, with a tad bit of running amuck! Running amuck runs rampant in my family, and ya only graduate once. (Well, from High School) I've always told my children... "GO.. Do something crazy! Don't hurt anybody! Practical jokes are a staple in our household. Surely they can come up with SOMETHING! Do they do this? NO! I so wish I could go back to High School. I'd be in trouble constantly, but oh the fun I could have!

OK, have a lovely day everybody! Please pray for my hubby and my daughter!  It's greatly appreciated!

Auntie Aims

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gumby, Celebrity Christmas Photo's, and Santa Clause

On a recent trip to a nearby Christmas lights farm, my 4 year old Grandson oohed and awed over the each new scene laid out before his eyes. Each twist and turn in the road presented a newly discovered pile of lights.  Wire shaped just right and covered in thousands of lights to take the form of Elves, flowers, fire trucks, and even Santa himself. It was so nice to see his face light up! At the end of the journey was no other than the jolly fat man himself!  They had a photographer set up to snap pics of your little one up upon Santa's knee, but self portraits, or video of any kind were forbidden. My Grandson didn't have to wait in line, as the group before us had already climbed down and made their way out the door. So he marches right up to Santa, who of course knew his name! Santa asked him to climb into his lap, and that's when it happened.......   My Grandson stops. Tells Santa to please hang on a minute, he turns to the photographer and politely raises his hand to her and says.. "No pictures please!"   Of course you can imagine the laughter that ensued.   The photographer, of course,  remarked we had a celebrity on our hands!  Out of the mouths of babes.

This year I'm in Texas for Christmas. My eldest daughter is ill and I've left behind my beloved North Carolina and my sweet hubby to come lend a hand. To keep things lively we've come up with some daily routines to keep the house tidy, people fed, and tempers from soaring. In our search for ideas to help things run more smoothly we invented a new game. It all started one day when I noticed a Gumby figurine perched inside a decorative hole in the fireplace. I had to laugh because it made Gumby look as if he were holding up the fireplace!  It sparked a hide-n-go seek game that has been going on for over a month now! Whoever finds it, hides it next time. It's sort of like our own version of Elf  On A Shelf!  Hide-n-Go Gumby I guess.   You NEVER know where he will turn up!

I pray this holiday season finds you sharing quality time with your loved ones. I hope that as you turn each corner it is filled with joy and wonder! As you go forth through this very merry month, remember what the season's really all about. Then smile, thank the Lord for small blessings, and hug your family!

Auntie Aims 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Supporting Small Hometown Local Business

I believe so much in the American way of life. I believe local small town businesses need to be brought back out into the lime light!  If you know of a small town local business in need of support, send me their link so I can share them on my page!

Support your neighborhood and SHOP SMALL BUSINESS!

 I've recently joined a site called "Thumbtack". I will be testing out this new product for several months. They claim to help by getting your business out to the general public via the web.  I look forward to the possibilities it brings. I think small American Business is so important, and as I venture forth, I will be checking in from time to time to update you on Thumbtack!

You can visit this site by clicking on the "find Me on Thumbtack" button under my new App link (top far right).

Thank you, and God Bless Each of You,

Auntie Aimes

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Sale!

May-June-July Only 
   25% OFF all murals!  

Email Amy at 
to schedule your free estimate.
We serve the Hickory, Morganton, Licolnton, and surrounding areas of NC including Asheville.  
(We also serve the Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Orange Park, and surrounding areas of Florida, for larger mural jobs)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mural Time!

It's spring cleaning time. Why not get that old junk room cleaned out and make it a "Grandkid Wonderland"! 

Let me design you a mural that fits your personality. If you can dream it, I can paint it!

Estimates are free! Email Amy at

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