Monday, April 18, 2016

Fibromyalgia, New Baby Smell, and Looking Like A Lobster.

Today I'm dating Fibromyalgia, FYI, he's a jerk!
I was rudely awakened this morning by pain in my shoulder blades. At first I thought maybe my hubby had punched me in his sleep, because my fibromyalgia had been dormant FOREVER! Then, as I thought this through I realized hubby had just undergone open heart surgery. The chances he'd punched me were slim. As I rolled to the edge of the bed, it became painfully obvious. Sigh   I'm breaking up with you Fibromyalgia! You're a jerk, and my hubby doesn't approve!
So now the list goes, pain hurts, depression lies, and fibromyalgia is a jerk. Don't get me started on anxiety, and Lyme Disease! Bwahahaha

Fortunately for me, my latest bout with depression and anxiety was re-routed into great joy with the birth of my second Grandson! I got to go hold him and get that new baby smell on myself! He's perfect. Ok, so I'm biased, because he's mine, but still.
We tried taking some pictures of the newborn with his Ya Ya,  (My cool Grandma name, given to me by my first Grandson)  but I had decided to forget that my meds don't like the sun, and I stayed out in it ALL day, while face painting at the local fire department/Pink Heals Car Show. Guess I was going for that Lobster look.  Doesn't matter, baby was handsome enough to cover any imperfections I may have been revealing in my red mug.
Take care peeps, I'm going to go roll in Epson salts and Aloe Vera goo!

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