Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go BIG, or go home, and if you can't go home, have babies!

Never let it be said that my crazy family can do anything the easy way!
Today I'm sitting in the hospital waiting on word of my Sweet Hubby, who is in having By-Pass surgery. As I sit here, my daughter is a few towns over in another hospital having my second Grandchild! My litte monkey, Baby R, who we are still unsure is male or female, will be bursting forth into this world sometime later today. I'm sure my daughter wouldn't appreciate me saying "bursting forth". It is HER womb after-all! Regardless, we're excited!

Prom season is upon us. I have a daughter and niece graduating in June. They've both picked out their prom dresses, and are ready to roll! Praying a safe and fun filled night of frolic, with a tad bit of running amuck! Running amuck runs rampant in my family, and ya only graduate once. (Well, from High School) I've always told my children... "GO.. Do something crazy! Don't hurt anybody! Practical jokes are a staple in our household. Surely they can come up with SOMETHING! Do they do this? NO! I so wish I could go back to High School. I'd be in trouble constantly, but oh the fun I could have!

OK, have a lovely day everybody! Please pray for my hubby and my daughter!  It's greatly appreciated!

Auntie Aims

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