Monday, December 26, 2016

Be Kind

Being kind, is a way of life. It's a choice you make, and a gift you give to this world.  
While shopping recently I experienced a cashier, who was obviously not thrilled with anyone, or anything.  I could overhear her complaining about patrons.  People asking too many questions,  needing too much guidance in their purchases,  or phoning in with 101 Christmas tree questions. It had become too much for this one paticular cashier.  Who was in no way trying to hide her discontent.  
Flash forward.  I'm eating lunch today in a little local BBQ place.  I come here when I need to remove myself from the world.  It's quiet,  Christian music plays in the background,  and I can filter out the noise from outside.  They, and the food, are incredible.  I sit in the corner where I can just. .....BE.  Today however, I'm noticing the people.  All walks of life,  each chatting with friends and family.  I also notice something else. They all have,  stuff.  I can tell by their facial expressions that some are overjoyed, some are deep in thought about the painful story coming from their friends heart,  but all of them have stuff.  
We all carry baggage, of one kind or another. We all have stories to tell, or some trapped deep inside we'll never share. Regardless, there is passion, joy, pain, hurt.  so to the cashier who has lost her compassion for the customer asking a million questions, be kind. That man just lost his wife to cancer. The lady asking about trees,  she's elderly,  on a fixed income,  and really can't afford the tree she so desperately wants in her living room.  That teenager,  the one who won't get off the phone,  someone in her life is treating her unkindly, and that's the only true friend she has.  
To the customer, upset because the cashier is complaining, or not going fast enough, or just doesn't seem to care. She's a single mother of 2, trying to make ends meet.   She works 3 jobs,  and way too many hours. She hasn't slept in days,  and she's still not sure how she'll provide Christmas for her baby's.  

Be kind. We all have stuff. 

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