Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nothing Greater Than.. To Love

To Love.. Could there be any greater thing than this? 1 Corinthians 13:13 says: But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. As most of my family and friends know, these past few years have been rough ones. This illness and all of its lack of answers have taken their toll. Mentally and physically. I've been praying, my friends are praying, my family is praying... there's so many people keeping me in their prayers, and I am so grateful. Faith keeps me strong, no matter what I face each day. When my children where young I sewed dresses for them. It was a very enjoyable thing for me. And recently while trying to find things I could do to re-program my brain, make my hands have to cooperate with one another, and keep me sain while being shut in, I had commented to my sister that I wished I had someone to sew for. I have good days, I have bad days. There are days I'm semi together, the brain sparks a bit, a meal might get cooked, a few items dusted around the house. I piddle....=0) I'm able to go out about once every 2 weeks with my hubby, or a family member. I'm slowly building my strength back. Then there are days the brain doesn't work, I fall, I trip, we've gotten accustom to joking about what exactly it is I've been drinking. LOL... Doing anything that requires thinking is out, My hands wont put left and right together, so multi-tasking is out as well. Its painful to move, getting up and down requires a lot of thought. STAIRS?? HA! Surely you jest! My brain doesnt like telling my body how to manage that. Then there are the migraines, on days when I have been out of the house too long, or for more than one day, or I did entirely too much. Days I didnt listen to the brain saying.."Now Amy..DONT do this!" Being a normal person, wanting a normal life... I try anyway. The result is an agonizing 4 hours to 2 weeks, of the worst pain in my head, ever experienced in my life. (and I've had kids and kidney stones!) But in my search, and in my comments about " no one to sew for" one of my sister's said..." Niece Amy! Ya know, the one fixing to turn 2!" LIGHT BULB! Well, 21 dresses later, I sent out 2, stuffed to the gills boxes, and one over-stuffed envelope. All full of dresses. Fluffy dresses, spinny dresses, dresses of all colors, designs, and sizes. ( so she could wear some now, some later) The dresses arrived, and to my amazement, were met with great joy. So it was decided, start sewing to sell. Being unable to work has been a huge burden on my hubby. God Bless him! Family and friends, who are aware of our situation have been helping in the grocery department.(thank ya'll) (I've not told many of the dire straights we are in) So, God willing, each dress I sew, will find a home with a little girl, or infant, in need of a fluffy little dress, made with much love, great care, and probably a few pokes and cuts ( for sewing on days I shouldn't, lol). My hope is that I can sew beautiful little dresses and have them enjoyed. I'm thankful for the opportunity, pray it's God's will, and that he will lead me in the right direction, and open up doors. Auntie Aimes Boutique?? My oldest niece has always called me Auntie Aims. As always, discussing things with one of my Sisters for input... we decided Auntie Aims would be a nice name.. but it couldn't JUST be Auntie Aims.. it needed something... My Sister finally got back to me and said.. make it Auntie AimEs, and followed it with a web site describing the meaning of the word Aimes, in a nut shell it means "to love" I couldnt think of a better way to share my love of sewing, and the love I have for my Lord and Savior than by using Aimes... to love... isn't it the greatest! God Bless you All, Auntie Aimes

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