Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter, Grilled Cheese, and The Green Tea Slip

Easter is quickly approaching and I've gotten no eggs dyed, not the first thing baked, and my house.. bleeehhh....   However, my procrastinating ends TODAY!

I've dusted off the old bunny ears, and relocated my long lost muffin tin. (don't ask where I found it)  Today at 4 I leave for my Mom's. My Middle Sis is already there, (no doubt planning something for us to get into) and My little Sis will be headed there tomorrow ( along with my daughter ) WOOHOO!   A lot of girl's in one house = harassment on my poor Step-Dad. Being out numbered on a daily basis anyway, I am sure by now he is used to our LOVING way of making him feel.. well.. like the ONLY man in the house. Girls rule, Boys drool. Can I put that on a sign to hang at Mom's this week? Of course he knows we love him. 

I'd been working on a new recipe to cook and share, but got hung up on an idea I saw on Pinterest. Grilled Mac-n-cheese Sandwiches. (I will include website of original grilled mac with my pics) I was not so sure about them at first, but played around with it for several days, and finally came up with the ultimate dinner sandwich, ( or so my hubby says) Grilled Mac-n-cheese with sauteed onion, and sweet ham.  Oh was GOOOOD!  Will post pics as quickly as possible. I also ran out of tea bags, and needing to make tea just before eating these cheesy-gooey delights, I opted for green tea. I usually reserve it for cold days when I just want a cup of hot tea, but on this particular day.. I decided "What the heck".. It was wonderful, but I forgot to tell my sweet hubby, who almost spewed it across the room.  (oops) He was OK with it after I explained "just what that was" in his favorite drinking glass.  My Bad.

Happy Easter dear friends. Enjoy the food, family, and laughter. Go to Sunday morning sunrise service and thank the good Lord for loving us so much that he died on that cross and rose again on the third day!  Don't forget to bake "empty tomb" cookies
found here> , with your kids the night before, and remember this....
      "Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there". ~ Clarence Hall.

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