Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plastic Bubbles, Butter/Sugar Sandwiches, and Tardis

Busy is an understatement of what my life has been like these past few weeks. Seems it is taking its toll on my blog life. So I promised myself I would get something posted TODAY! My middle Sis recommended several options, one of which was Plastic Bubbles and butter sugar sandwiches. It is always amazing to have a memory pop into your head you've not thought of for years. Sweet to have a Sister bring it to mind.

Raised in a small community in East Texas, no stop light, One Baptist Church and one Southern Baptist Church. ( I always joked was "one church for the people that liked to dance, and one church for the ones that didn't") I suppose I fell into the "not sure" category, for I attended both churches.  Our town had one tiny post office, almost so small you had to take turns going in to get your mail. One general store, ( Newly built back in the 80's because someone had driven into the old general store and knocked it off of it's foundation into the pasture behind the structure) Which was BIG news in our tiny little community. Everyone knew everyone. Everyone knew about everyone. The local men met at the store for cards, checkers, and of course an enormous amount of Texas size tales. The ones you never knew if they were true, or just well invented stories to get snared into and then at the end rewarded with a rather hilarious punch line.  We'd walk to that store for candy, or an old glass bottle of Dr. Pepper.  We thought we had it made.

Times were tight for everyone back then. Jobs were scarce in our area, as well as the rest of the country. Neighbors helped out neighbors, and families were there for one another. My sister reminded me that no matter how rough things got in our household our Mother always had a special treat for us.  If we wanted dessert, but there weren't enough groceries to invent even the skimpiest of cookie, Mom made us butter-sugar sandwiches. To this day I can remember the taste of this delicious treat, but don't think I could eat one. There was also special occasions when Mom had made a little extra that week at work and she would bring home the ultimate in kids play things.... Colored Plastic Bubbles.  They smelled funny, but once you got past the odor, you had hours of bubble fun! Squeeze a dab out of the tube onto a straw and blow. The bubbles were red, blue, green, or yellow. They could be held, bounced, and sometimes popped and re-blown ( if done fast enough) The drawback was they dried up quick if you lost the lid to the tube.  Even when I got older and Mom brought them for my smaller Sisters I couldn't wait until they went to bed, just so I could blow up one or two. Which Mom must have figured out, because she later started buying them for me again.

Those times are long gone. Most of the men that filled the local store have gone on to their heavenly homes. The newer group isn't the same for us, but they do still know how to spin a tale. You can still pick up that old Dr. Pepper in the bottle, and a chick-o-stick to go with it if you feel the need. Now, as my Sister said.... "If we could just borrow the Tardis, and go back in time to when we blew those bubbles, ate those sandwiches, and enjoyed tales of Texas sized proportion", we'd have it made.

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