Saturday, November 10, 2012


So.. We're off to Texas.  Car packed from front seat to trunk, ceiling to floorboards with my daughters things, and some of my grandsons toys... We're riding along, comfortably. Talking of recent events, presidential debates, state of the world we live in, and whether or not to stuff our Thanksgiving sweet potatoes with giant campfire marshmallows..( just cause we think it's a fine idea!) When we begin to hear this noise from the back of our car.  It was muffled at first. I suppose because we were busy yapping, traffic was buzzing, and phones were ringing every 15 minutes with questions like "Where ya'll at?", or "How far ya gotten?", or my favorite of the day "Did ya'll pick up any hitchhikers?" ?? YEAH! WE STRAPPED THEM TO THE HOOD!    So anyway.. there's this faint noise.. and as things start to settle down, the noise grows from a faint little hint of a sound to an all out Elmo attack!   Seems as though while packing the car my dear sweet hubby placed an Elmo Sit-In-Spin in the BOTTOM of the pile. Everytime we'd hit a bump or go over a rough patch of road he'd giggle and say things like "Elmo Loves You!"  "Elmo Loves To Spin!"  Giggle Giggle, "Elmo wants to do it again!"  After 500 miles what Elmo really wants is to be removed from the vehicle and placed every so lovingly along the roadside for some unsuspecting passerby to spot and go "OH LOOK! Someone lost a brand new Elmo toy! Let's stop!"   Good luck with THAT one buddy!   Maybe Elmo wants to strap on that bike helmet he loves so much on Sesame street and... well anyway.... ya'll get the idea!     In 56 miles I'll be halfway to Texas, Elmo stuck under a pile of what I tell my daughter will be Christmas for her and my Grandbaby. Here's to another 500 miles with batteries that just wont quit!

God Bless,

Auntie Aimes

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