Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Negative on the bending over and baby calves

   SO.... what happens when you bend over in front of a baby calf?   You get attacked!  I AM NOT THE  MOMMY!   OK, so maybe I am. Actually dear Hubby is the Mommy, cause he feeds the critter all the time, I am just the fill in Mommy! Needless to say, while trying to clean up the barn floor after a nasty wind storm, I bent over to pick up a piece of trash, and got whacked between the legs by a very unwelcome calf! After regaining my footing (and making sure nobody saw the mishap), I opted for a safer area of the barn, away from milk searching calves!  My hubby of course thought it was particularly funny, and wished he'd been there to witness the event.  I'm very easy to knock over these days.. actually I can fall over quite nicely all by myself. (thank you very much Mister Calf!)  And thank you fence.. for being strong enough to hold me up!
Lesson learned!

    I am blessed with an incredibly odd sense of humor ( Thank you Lord!)  Take for example my poor Step Father that doesn't know yet that his chicken eggs are going to soon be replaced with a rather interesting new find of mine.  Egg shaped (and colored) porcelain balls. I believe they may have come out of an old factory at one time, but i found a whole pile of them recently and immediately thought.."hmmmm.. egg shaped... Know where these are going!"      ( My mind just works that way)   CANT WAIT!  

   I'll keep ya'll posted on any future barn mishaps, as well as the growth of our little bundle of joy! Oh, and I will be sure to let ya'll know how the egg-incident turns out!

God Bless,

Auntie Aimes

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