Saturday, October 27, 2012

A week with Sweet Hubby

Vacation is over. SIGH>>>   We enjoyed our time together, my hubby and I.   I had a nice honey-do list for him, and then he took me for a beautiful ride to see the leaves.

I love this pic, he looks like my little pirate!

Hope each of you had a blessed week, and maybe were able to catch a glimpse of the wonder of fall!

In the coming days I'll be getting back on track. Catching up with some sewing, and trying to get those purses made!
I also have a few crafty idea's up my sleeve. ( maybe even a recipe or two)

The following pics are day one of our mountain leave viewing expedition, followed by day two of hubby and I, with my Red Headed Step-Child.. ( who I love dearly ) eating lunch in some little diner, in some little town, ( that i wish I'd gotten the name of (for a plug), cause it was YUMMY!!) that we found after I explained to my husband I either needed a very large medium rare steak, or a giant burger! ( coming from the woman who doesn't each much meat) lol I don't know, I was starving for beef!

AND The Diner >>>>

 Building down the road from Diner, Who wouldn't want a pic with a giant??

 Chili Van Dam enjoyed the ride, but didn't want his pic taken!

 Big Sandwich? or Big Mouth?

 Gettin' ready to dip onion rings in honey mustard. YUM!

Man THAT was good! I ate half, Chili Van Dam got the rest.. ( of the burger )

God Bless You All,

Auntie Aimes

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