Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ANNETTE Funicello and Horses

               Annette Funicello and Horses

So WHO knows why the brain works like it does... Homesick for my very small Texas town (evidently even in my sleep).... Last night I took walks down familiar roads. Taking in the sites, mostly enjoying the hay fields being cut. When up walks a very young looking, "Moon Doggie" days, Annette Funicello. Of course she knew me right away. ( Hey it was my dream, why not)  We hugged, exchanged how are you',s and then she offered me a proposition... Come help her pick out 1000 acre's of farm land, on it she'll build me a house and a huge horse farm, if we, ( hubby and I) would come live and take care of the horses.     ( I woke up before seeing the finished product).. but how funny!  Thanks Annette!    I have funny dreams from time to time, but i really enjoyed that one.
  Atleast Annette didnt have on little Mickey Ears, because i still associate her with the "back in my Mom's day" Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  In a lot of ways Annette reminds me of my mother. My Mom is just a few years shy Annette's age. They have the same sense of humor, ( as I can only tell from the television version I know) and Mom's younger pictures always reminded me of Mrs. Funicello.   So why Annette, home town, and horses??  A new study has revealed that REM sleep acts sort of like overnight therapy, and that REM may also help us work through difficult events in our lives.  So, what does it all mean? I think I was just homesick, and since traveling is out, it was my next best way to see home! I recently had a discussion with one of my cousins that I could no longer ride horses, and it really stinks! I guess even my subconscious knew it didn't mean I couldn't be NEAR them.  Oh,and the best part of ALL...Annette Funicello is my new therapist! Better drag out the old mouse ears!

God Bless You all,

Auntie Aimes

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