Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Birthday's...They come every year. Sneaky Lil' buggers!   Me Mum ( which is what I am calling her now) ( just cause we like it better) lol   She is headed this way for half a day of fun and adventure. Actually we are headed to buy new pants because my Step Dad decided to clean the dining room chairs with Old English and not tell anyone. So.. now my white pants, are shaped just like me Mum's chairs in the toosh! =0)    

I am thankful today for the time God has allowed me to remain. I know there are better things waiting on me when i get to Heaven, but I have things to do here still. ( till he says I dont)   So till then, Lord lead me. Point my feet in the direction you'd have me go. Count my steps. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and show me your will for my life!  And THANK  YOU for another year!

God Bless you all,

Auntie Aimes 

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