Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Means War

It starts>>>>>>>>>

Dear Hubby and I are the King and Queen of practical joking... Since my illness we put them on hold. (Seems scaring me isn't as funny when it sends my body into shock.)  Guess it depends on your style of humor. Well, after opening my Hubby's sweet tea lid, cutting the corner off a packet of ketchup, inserting the straw into the packet and putting it back down into the cup. (careful to place the lid back on without him hearing)  About 5 minutes, this look of horror, and the sly grin asking "Exactly what IS WRONG with my tea?" I announced.. "Could mean war!"    SO.. here we go again!  

It wont be safe in my house, as family members can well tell you! Nothing is off limits. Except we aren't aloud to injure one another... THAT took the fun out of a few idea's I had, but lets face it, bodily injury is expensive these days.

In the past we've just stuck with things that get rather messy.  Like garbage bags full of popcorn purchased from the movie theatre after close of business. Neatly enclosed with lots of newspaper and tape in a doorway, meant to come crashing down when the door is opened. Once I filled a VERY large 5 foot wide by 4 foot tall mirrored medicine cabinet with packing peanuts. WHAT an avalanche!   There have been beans on the ceiling fan blades, baby oil on the toilet seat, spiders in the bed, life size skeletons buckled in the back seat, and snakes flying out at you from behind closet doors.  I know that at one time you'd no sooner get caught by one joke than turn around and run into another.   We wont even go into the yearly $5 Christmas joke gift. Let's just say the "one lump short of a coal mine" shirt i bought him comes in handy when I tell him ALL his shirts are dirty and he'll HAVE to wear that one!

I've been saving up idea's for 2 years now, while on our joke hiatus.. So this should get interesting!

Auntie Aimes


  1. OMG,, yall are worse than me & Keith. This is hilarious!!

  2. Thank you , I am assuming this is Glenda...=0) We've had fun,, been tryin this thing with the toilet paper roll.. but havin' trouble with it,LOL


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