Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey, Dressing, A shot of the Flu, and Hawaii...

HAPPY Turkey Day!  

As most of you know I traveled a rather far distance to come lend a hand to my oldest baby, only to catch the nasty Flu bug goin' around.   Sigh....

ANYWAY>>> I REALLY AM in Henderson!  I REALLY WILL see all of you next week!  I know some friends are sitting there wondering if I made this whole trip up... but knowing me as they do, they also realize.. If "I" was going to make up a trip it woulnd't invlove the word "FLU" at all.. but would be mentioning sunny warm weather, with sun-kissed beaches, big floppy hats, and large fruity drinks with umbrella's in it....  have I sighed yet??   Sigh......

So, while you are all nestled in your warm homes, gathered around a large bird, over-eating, and telling stories of remember whens..... I will be recooping, and looking forward to a day SOON that I can see those warm smiles, friendly faces.. and laugh about this whole crazy experience I've had!

Love you all,

Auntie Aimes

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