Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Ninja

   My running shoes are on, I've got my "green" shopping bags ready, and elbow pads are properly placed on my arms, JUST in case someone wants to play rough. (I thought about my kids old arm floats, but that would just be too bulky) It's that time. I've put it off as long as possible. Christmas shopping... Here I come!  
   I know I should have done this months ago. I used to be the "done with all my Christmas shopping by September" gal, but times being what they are, no longer driving, and ..well... just simply dreading the experience, I'm running a bit behind schedule this year.  So I suppose I'll be dealing with the left-overs of the holiday season. (Everyone will be getting socks and the last few cans of spam in their stockings)
   I feel like I'm preparing for war, as I carefully decide what to wear. Something comfy, something that won't get caught on hangers, and snagged by purses. (something slick, so when I run for the last Elmo toy in the store, I won't be easy to hold onto when I pull out my Ninja moves.
    I've no idea what to get anyone this year. I'm usually pretty "up to date" on the latest craze for each member of my family. Hibernating in my house these past few years has left me unawares of what's going on with everyone. I have a feeling my shopping experience is going to go something like this>>>    
 >>> As I walk into the store I will IMMEDIATELY become so overwhelmed by all the "new and improved" array of gifts and gadgets. I'll get that dreaded "mall walk"... You know, those people that get in front of you, that look like they've never been in a mall before, like they've been locked away all their lives and "everything's so shiny.. so pretty" and they wont move over and let a professional shopper get by!  THAT will be me.. the same look a dog gets when he is fascinated by your every move, and hangs on to your every word.. SQUIRREL!!!!!!   Sigh... Yep, that will be me. OCD, ADD and my dog mentality in tow.
   So when everybody opens up their gifts this year and gets neon striped toe socks with unicorns, space bags, fruit cake, and those left-over assorted novelty items, ya know, the ones that were in the very bottom of the dollar bin, don't be mad at me.. Just smile.. and look surprised!

Wish me luck my friends!

Auntie Aims

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