Friday, December 28, 2012

Covered Bridges, Siri, and "The Hunger Games".

    My Sweet Hubby decided yesterday that we needed a little family outing.  He said dress warm and bring a camera. So we loaded up the truck, and away we went. He "got lost" a few times along the way, although I think he was just saying that to throw us off track so we wouldn't out our destination; which I am sure will never happen because, as he well knows, since my bout with Lyme Disease I can get turned around in my own bathtub.  

   We spent the drive pointing at places we have to come back to (most closed up for Christmas) and asking Siri ( daughter got a new phone for Christmas) goofy questions.  Such as: "Siri, what kind of wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?"   The answer? "How many pounds in a ground hog's mound when a ground hog pounds hog mounds? "  Along with a few other funny ones, and I'm not sure but i think after a while she asked if we had anything better to do. Which of course made me curse her as she said.. "Now Now!" I was scolded by Siri! I'm SURE my Mother had something to do with that.  We also asked her to sing us a song, we got a lil ditty from The Wizard of Oz.  Asked her to tell us a tongue twister, which she very obligingly told us about selling sea shells and a very fast rendition of Peter Piper.  All in all I'd say it was productive.

  We finally arrived at our destination. Bunker Hill Covered Bridge. It's a beautiful spot for taking pictures.  It, sadly, is covered with graffiti on the inside. The outside has remained unaltered, thankfully.   We read the info boards, walked the bridge, and began snapping away. We marked the occasion with wonderful family pictures to look back on years from now. A nice lady, taking pics of her own, stopped and asked if she could take a group photo for us. She was a new camera owner, out practicing things she was learning in her photography class. They turned out frame worthy.

  We left as the day started turning too cool for comfort. Laughing at the great picture my daughter had taken of my husband asking me "what's in your head" and popping me on the forehead with his open palm.

     My Goofy Hubby. Just you wait, I'm sure there will be a few "surprises" waiting on you around the house this week!  ( in the form of some particularly awesome jokes I've been saving to use at JUST the right time!)  

    On the way home we stopped just down the road from our house at the site where they filmed "The Hunger Games". My daughter hadn't been by there yet, and being the ripe old age of 14, she was all too eager to get some pics to share with her friends. She Googled where to take the best shots ( places spotted in the film) and of course we had to be precise. Then she found out I've not yet seen the movie! "MOM! How can you live RIGHT THERE, and NOT see a movie made RIGHT HERE!"  I'll never live that one down! I suppose this will mean a trip to Red Box in the next few days. 


All in all, I'd say it was a day well spent, memories made, moments in time captured on film, imprint, laughs shared, foreheads face palmed, and smiles shared. Thank you Lord!

God Bless You All,

Auntie Aimes

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