Friday, December 14, 2012

Momma Got a New Harley!

Yeah.. not quite.. Momma got an OLD Harley. Oh, and I should add that this "Harley" has to be fed and watered!  Harley is an 11 year Chihuahua that I saved and promised to love. A cousin in Texas was forced to make a decision he didn't want to make and needed to find Harley a good home. Well, when he wasn't able to, he was left with his only option of taking him to a no kill shelter. Thank goodness he waited till the last minute, because in swoops Auntie Aimes to save the day! So now I have a handsome little man, who shakes like crazy when he is nervous, falls asleep standing up, snores at night, and sings when he is happy! He is also quick to tell my 3 year old Chi-weenie when playtime is OVER!  I'm home everyday, so these guys of mine get plenty of love and attention. Harley has adjusted well to his new surroundings.  I was concerned that my larger ( not by much) Chiweenie might get too rough with him, but he seems to be aware that his new playmate is a bit tiny. That and Harley isn't a bit afraid to speak his mind when he wants to call an end to the wrestlin' match!

Harley a few days after I got him. Bless his little heart he was really missin' his Daddy and wouldn't eat. He got skinny. After a few days, and realizing he was greatly loved,   (and a little bribery) he started eating again, and is fattening up quite nicely.

Harley, 3 days into newness. Getting comfy with Mom on the couch.

Nothing like a nice nap!

Chilli and Harley after a long play session. Someone's gettin' tired!

I'll give Harley updates from time to time, and maybe post a few pics.  I'm thinking between the two of them it will get pretty interesting around here!

Blessings to All,
Auntie Aimes

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