Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ten Years Worth of Driving

      OK, so it only took us roughly 10 hours, this trip my dear friend and I took today. Mini van loaded down with kids, pets, one sister, 2 old school chums, (OK, maybe not "OLD". We'll use "prior" instead!) 400 kid's movies, one totally tubular 80's music CD, enough snacks to feed 3 states, a child's porta potty, ( for those lil' emergency's ) and a partridge in a pear tree.  OK, that last one was a fabrication, the pet was actually one very nervous Chihuahua. (No fowls were harmed in the making of this expedition!) (and I should add neither was the Chihuahua!)
     Being stuck in Texas, although not a bad thing, because I got to visit one of my baby girls and one "growing like a weed" Grandson, wasn't all bad. Growing like a weed, we say that in a good way, but now that I give it some thought makes it sound like we're being plagued by our little ones doesn't it. Hmmm... Must re-think that saying.  Being stuck wasn't so bad until I received the call that my hubby had been admitted to the hospital. I did miss him dearly, but then the urgency to get my tail back to NC became all too real.  Most of you know I'm unable to drive. (which is probably a good thing for you fellow drivers)  I had two friends step right up to the plate and offer to return me! Here's hoping it was definitely out of kindness and not a need to get me out of their state as fast as possible! HA!   All kidding aside, it was just one of the kindest things I've ever had offered to me, and I am forever grateful.
  So here I sit, halfway home, ( my Mother met us so no one would have to drive the entire distance ) I've been grounded... by my Mother.. who says I am never aloud to leave my house again.  Mini van, having left hours ago for its return trip, but still in the company of a very nervous dog. I can honestly say this entire venture has been an interesting experience. What started out as a trip to lend a hand to my entirely too overly-stressed child, became arriving at my destination only to catch the flu a day later, 2 1/2 weeks of coughing and wheezing, but hopefully not TOO much whining. I did manage to entertain my Grandson, and enjoy every minute of him that I could! There was also the loss of a dog, saving of another ( the nervous nail biter ) the "SKUNK" incident, <shudder> the hurling of Christmas in my daughter's living room ( story for later ), but best of all getting to see old friends!  Who says ya can't go home!
    I love you All, God Bless You, and Merry Christmas.   Auntie Aimes

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